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What You Should Know about Servo Motors

Apr 15th 2019, 3:54 am
Posted by soiladever
Servo motors are used in robotics and tend to be on the smaller side for that purpose. The circuitry is usually built into the product that you buy, and one of the greatest benefits of the product is the amount of power that it is able to put out. For example, if it is a smaller engine, it will often have a smaller motor. The amount of torque is consistent with the size of the motor.

One of the keys of a servo is that it has an output shaft. With this shaft, it can be positioned with a coded signal that is sent. Sending the same signal will keep the servo at exactly the same position. If a signal is changed, this causes the angle of the servo motor to change.

Servos can be used in many different fields other than robotics. Oftentimes they are used for radio controlled airplanes. A servo motor has a wide radius and can travel anywhere from zero to one hundred eighty degrees. The motor is smart enough to know how much power to apply. If there is a larger distance to travel, more of the engine power will be used.

The control wire is used to help determine the angle at which the servo motor turns. A pulse is sent through the control wire, and the length of the pulse will determine the angle the servo motor changes. The normal time for a pulse to happen is every twenty milliseconds. A shorter pulse will cause the servo motor to change its direction under ninety degrees while a longer pulse will cause the servo motor to change its direction more than ninety degrees.

Hopefully this article on Servo Motors has given you more of a background, which can help if you are looking to buy one in the near future.

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