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Is Zcode Worth it?

May 15th 2019, 9:30 am
Posted by shadparer1
The Z Code System is a suite of betting tips and systems across a range of sports including US sports such as basketball, ice hockey and NFL as well as other sports such as tennis and soccer.

It is probably more accurate to describe the Z Code as a "comprehensive betting system" rather than just a community.
The screenshot below shows an example of the top expert picks table.

This is where you can focus your time to find some of the most successful tipsters on the Z Code platform.

There are a huge range of options to potentially use and it can be a little overwhelming when you first join up.

As there a literally hundreds of systems and tipsters to choose from, this has been a difficult service for us to review and we didn’t think there would be any point in us of following a given number of systems — say 3 or 5 — and giving the results of those, as that would only give a sense of a tiny fraction of what is on offer.

So instead we think it would be more useful to give a rundown of the service, what if offers and our overall verdict on it.

What do you get with the Z Code System?
The Z Code System has been around since 1999 and has been one of the best-known and bestselling systems in the world over that time.

After you join up and log in, there are a number of helpful tutorial videos to get you up to speed with how the platform works.

There is instruction on the various features of the Z Code System, zcode-system-review.com what tools are available, as well as general advice on betting, including paper trading, using sensible betting banks and not over-betting.

In the main there are two different types of selections you can follow:

Expert Picks
These are tips from specialist tipsters in a range of sports and the top 30 are listed in order so you can see who is performing best.

Here is a look at what you get when you click through to one of the tipsters. In this case it is the no.2 tipster, Brendan.

As you can see, it is done in forum style, with the tipster posting their picks for today’s matches with the odds and stakes and then other people can post questions or comments.

This is an example of what we mean by the Z Code being as much a betting community as a set of systems.

Members are able to post their own picks, share ideas with others and chat on the forum as well as use all the systems on the website.

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